Cyber Defense Institute is an independent cyber security and training company dedicated to helping our clients improve their information security posture in a complex regulatory and compliance environment.  We are independent and unbiased, always keeping our client's best interest in mind.


Let us help you with your compliance program.  Whether it's PCI, HIPAA, DFS, FFIEC, and any other requirements we can help

Information Security Training

We started as a training company, and we continue that tradition today.  Let us train your staff on how to keep your organization safe

Risk Management

A good information security program is based on the management and reduction of risk.  We have years of experience managing risk for organizations.


Vulnerability Management

Identifying and managing vulnerabilities is the foundation of a good security program.  We use a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor to identify vulnerabilities before someone else does

Penetration Testing

An automated scanning tool will detect most vulnerabilities, but it takes the human touch to find "what's left."  We follow the NIST standard and have a proven track record of finding what the scanners didn't

Threat Monitoring

Even with carefully planning and testing, a breach is still possible.  Help reduce the time it takes to detect an event from months down to minutes with our managed threat monitoring service


Disaster Recovery

60% of small business close after a breach or disaster.  Don't become a statistic and let us help you plan for the worst.  When can help you with your DR plan and strategy

Incident Response

Regardless of how well prepared you are, a fire might still happen.  Be ready with our incident response services that help you plan, respond, and remediate an incident

Virtual CISO

If regulations require you to have a qualified Chief Information Security Officer we can help.  Our CISO services do more than "check the box"