Plain and simple; hackers today are out for money.  Gone are the "heydays" of the Internet when a hacker defaced your website to brag to his buddies.  You shouldn't be worried about the stereotypical "teenager in his mother's basement," instead you should be worried about the same threats that have been targeting financial institutions for almost a century: organized crime, nation states, terrorists, and other well funded, well trained operations.

The difference from what our grandparents faced and we now face is that the threats come from anywhere in the world any day or night.  Today's banks still require a large well protected vault, but they also need their information systems to have similar well designed systems to protect them.

Much like the security cameras, armed guards, timed vaults, panic buttons, dye packs, and all the other security measure banks put in place to protect their cash and personnel, we need to apply the same "defense in depth" techniques to protect our virtual cash. 

This is where Cyber Defense Institute can help.  Our value is in providing you services that don't just take a "check the box" approach to compliance, but instead take an approach that achieves your compliance requirements while also making meaningful reductions in risk.  Contact us today to see how we can help you bank, credit union, or other financial institution.