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What Do We Provide in the Live course?

Certified Instructor, Official Curriculum, Certification Exam Voucher, Web Delivery Platform, Labs

Cancellation Policy

A CLIENT may cancel after the class has commenced. The cancellation may be processed via a e-mail or telephone conversation. Cancellation will also be accepted via fax of a written Once a course has commenced, the cancellation fee will be a pro rata amount according to statement of withdrawal, or delivery by mail. (A no show to the class is not considered a cancellation.)

No Show Policy

Unless Cyber Defense Institute is notified within the terms of cancellation set forth above, CLIENT will maintain full responsibility for 100% payment of the course.

iCourse Live Refund Policy

If Client Cancels:

  • Prior to the end of the first day of class – 100% refund
  • After first day but before the end of the second day of class - 90% refund
  • After second day but before the end of the third day of class - 50% refund
  • After third day - No Refund
  • (Opened Courseware cannot be refunded and SRP price plus shipping will be prorated into percentages listed above.)

iLearn Course Refund Policy Online

  • Prior to accessing the course 100% refund.
  • Once course is activated, no refund.
  • No refunds will be issued for mobile devices once seal is broken by client.
  • No refunds on Courseware once it has been opened.

These are the terms and policies of course enrollment. By filling out enrollment form and clicking "I agree", you have agreed to these terms.