Cyber Security Consulting
in Syracuse, NY

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Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

Internal and External Network Vulnerability Assessments identify detailed security flaws that exist on your network devices that can allow a hacker to gain access to your confidential or critical information.

Network Security Training & Certification

Sign up today for one of our network security training courses. An investment in these courses will provide knowledge and skills that will enable you to protect your organization and make you a valuable asset in the area of cyber security and IT.

Comprehensive Security Assessments

If your organization is subject to a security audit by regulatory bodies (HIPAA, NYS DFS, PCI, SOX, ISO, etc.), then you may want to consider getting your house in order prior to a formal audit.

A Cyber Security Services Company Located in Syracuse, NY.

CDI is a network security consulting and training firm specializing in:

  • Computer Security Compliance assessments.

  • Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, and remediation that assures mission critical and private information assets are secure and protected.

  • Customized Security Policy creation that meets industry standard compliance regulations (HIPAA security policies, PCI policies, etc.) and provides clear guidelines for the organizations employees.

  • Risk Assessments that meet required compliance standards and help the organization assess risk and focus security resources in the right areas.

  • Forensic investigations and breach response management to assure that the cause and perpetrators of breaches are identified and that the breach is contained and managed.

  • Information Technology (IT) Security training and certification courses for the government, military, and private sector enterprises. CDI designs and delivers high quality intensive computer security training programs leading to professional certification that meets the competency standards set forth by professional certification standards organizations such as: ISC²®, EC-Council®, and others.

  • Online training for information technology (IT) security professionals and organizational employees to learn the latest best practices in computer security.

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